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December 21, 2011
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HA "Antoine Clawson" app by Hachi93 HA "Antoine Clawson" app by Hachi93
(It's in quotes as as you can see if u read, it's not really her name :I)

coz I need more rp groups
This is for :iconhogwartsacademy: so didnot discover due to leo's app

aaaaand here goes the textwall :I


Name: Antoinette (second name Aderyn)
Surname: Officially became Thompson, but it's originally Clawson, and she still uses it instead of Thompson.
Age: 15
Gender: Well female of course :I
House: Hufflepuff ovo
Year: 4th
Blood status: Half-blood
Physical traits:
-Her hair is supposed to be blonde, it always lightened in the tips, so she dyed it black, and since it was a pain to dye it every time it grew see how she ended.
Her eyes are perfectly normal green lD
She's arround 166 cm tall and weights arround 58-59 kg (sorry I'm not familiar with ft and lbs and all, didn't want to screw up)
Her skin tone is a bit tan-ish since she's often outside in the sun.
Her bangs might sometimes cover her eye, it all depends of the day, if her hair is just washed, clean and fluffy it will cover it for sure, but if it got dirty, stiff or something her eye would be perfectly visible.

She never had any friends in her childhood or even people to talk with, so she grew up pretty much used to be alone and still tends to isolate herself from people, ignoring them if they try to initiate a conversation or respond to them violently if said people is violent/mockin/"cool dudes that are not cool" or so.

Therefore if she sees someone is being nice to her by saying hello or smiling at her from time to time without being clingy or irritating she'll soon get used to that person and will seek for their company sometimes, still without initiating conversations.(she'll just sit there or something untill the person notices) The only people she'll talk to first are people with whom she had any kind of argument/fight and she will a jerk. She won't insult them or do anything, she'll just have the actitude of "You're an idiot", still she doesn't mean to be agressive or unrespectful, since that's her way of getting along with those kind of people.

She'll try to help anyone in need, though she herself knows she's not reliable for practically anything.
She doesn't like people worrying or pitying her.

P.S If someone is being rude to her she'll respond equally and might have a fight with them, still she means no harm and will help with any possible injuries (that's something you can actually leave on her) and she tends to like these people, and to her a fight like that is like for any other a lovely hug.

Biography/history godhowIhatethesethings :

Her father(wizard) used to be violent and her mother(muggle) consented it, she hardly ever got to sleep well and always worried about her mom. One day her dad got called by the hospital and he left in a hurry, seeming that her mom got into an accident.
She was still a child and didn't knew what she was doing, but she ran away. simply ran away.
When she was found she found out that her mother died, and her father being unable to raise a child she was sent with her closest realtive, kind uncle Ethan Thompson, her mother's brother.
Her uncle lived in a house in the middle of the nature and worked with herbs and bugs, so she got interested in these things and is now realiable on the matter.
Her uncle never took her out of the domain and when he had to leave for work she was always left alone in the house. (for that she had to wear his clothes and was used to baggy clothing, now can't stand skinny clothes)
She entertained herself doing the house's chores or reading some books, but if his trip was long she went outside and played in the nature with the bugs and plants, being only unevitable that she had a few accidents involving thorns, which left marks on various parts of her body, like ankles, hands and even neck. (she hides them)
She loves all bugs and almost all birds (not owls) and plants. She will try to "get along" with any bug she sees. (another matter is how succesfull she'll be)

Her uncle taught her some basics like language, maths and biology (his best) but magic was obviously out of the blue.

(got in)
At first she was as lost and out of place as a whale in the middle of the desert.

She had 0 knowdleage and her really-bad-for-names memory didn't help, she was helpless and still is for most of the matters.
She was always on the defensive and didn't knew what she was doing,she just attempted to go on.

She has two pet turtles, and orange/brown one called cain, for her uncle's novel character, whose eye color changed and a green one called thorns.
Her wand is of apple wood, 10" and unicorn hair core.
She doesn't own a broomstick and will never ever do. "Broomsticks are for brooming!"
She loves being between candles, but since she's terribly afraid of fire she'll put them as away from her as possible.
Even though she doesn't like people "bothering" her, she enjoys being in the middle of big crowds.
Has a REALLY REALLY HORRIBLE orientation. Leave her alone and it'll take for her three hours to only find the place where you left her.
She hates being called either Antoinette, Thompson or Clawson, but is perfectly fine with Antoine, Aderyn and Claws.
She likes to swim, but she'll screw up pools, dirtly lakes are her thing!
Taking conversations with badass people aside, she's onehelluva formal girl. She won't even say words like "awesome" or "cool" or "dude", she'll rather use "incredible" or "marvelous" or "sir", but something she can't help saying, and will say a lot is....."Thrilling!"


Sooo hope I didn't forget anything! xD
I don't know if I explained it all clearly thought, I'm really bad at it ovou
h-hope I get in...? ovo
And please, random person reading this, if there's something wrong with my grammar or so, tell me orz
I don't like hiw this came out orz might redo it if I find time
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